History of WCPG

The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, an affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, is a non-profit organization created in 1993. The primary mission of the WCPG is to educate and promote public understanding of problem gambling and the disorder of compulsive gambling. WCPG maintains neutrality on the issue of legalized gambling. Its efforts are focused on:

  1. Promote public education and awareness of problem gambling disorder and compulsive gambling.
  2. Advocate quality assistance for all individuals who may be adversely affected by gambling disorders.
  3. Identify “high risk” groups for persons with gambling disorders and promote prevention activities.
  4. Provide training to professional counselors in the treatment of gambling disorders and problem gamblers.

WCPG was formed in 1993 by a group of counselors, recovering compulsive gamblers, educators, and concerned citizens. While it is located in Green Bay, it has a statewide membership, a statewide board of directors, and a statewide mission. In January 1994, WCPG became one of 35 councils currently affiliated with the National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc. of Washington, D.C.

In 1995, WCPG received a one-time $25,000 challenge grant from the Cornerstone Foundation in Green Bay to help pay costs of establishing and operating a statewide, toll-free 1-800 Helpline for problem gamblers and their families. Callers to the Helpline can receive printed gambling specific information and can be referred to area Gamblers Anonymous Meetings and referred to area providers that are trained specifically in treating the addiction of compulsive gambling.

During 1996, training programs were developed to train professionals in the treatment of compulsive gambling and to enable them to become a referral source for the WCPG Helpline. 1997 showed an increasing need for the services provided by the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling. Calls to the Helpline increased as well as the requests for public speaking and educational trainings.

The State of Wisconsin provided the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling a grant in 1998 to implement a public awareness campaign on the issue of compulsive gambling. The WCPG continues its compulsive gambling awareness programs.

Over the years our programs have expanded t include:

  • 24 hr Helpline
  • 24 hr Chatline
  • 24 hr Textline
  • Trainings, including Virtual
  • School programming
  • Social media
  • Etc…

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