Outreach School Presentation Feedback

*I really enjoyed the presentation, I learned a lot of things about gambling and addiction. I think it really put into perspective how easy it can be to get addicted to gambling. It definitely makes me want to be cautious for when I begin to be old enough to start gambling for fun (which is not that far away). Now that I know it’s an actual disorder, I will take it more seriously.

*I really enjoyed the presentation that Andrea gave. The game was really fun and it helped me learn about how dangerous gambling can be. I learned that 4% of teenagers have a problem with gambling in high school. I really hope I don’t become addicted to gambling but if I do, I know that I have the Wisconsin Council to turn to for help.

*I was surprised to find out that 4% of people have a gambling addiction. I was also surprised to learn that 68% of people with gambling addiction will commit a crime to fuel their addiction. I think that for the presentations that you do in the future you should add more videos because some people learn better from videos.

*I learned that a lot of people in Wisconsin have gambling problem and it can start at an early age. I liked the game we played.

*I learned that gambling is a bigger problem than most people think it is, and that most people gamble without even knowing it. I think the presentation had the right balance of information with fun! Thank you Andrea!

*Great presentation!

*In this presentation I learned new things about gaming such as it’s an addiction, and a problem, that it can start when we are younger so any kind of game that you play to win things as stuff, money, or actions, it’s gambling , the percent of winning in any kind of those games is really low, and people have to spend big amounts of money, what they don’t get back in most of the cases, so gaming is dangerous addiction, and I really enjoyed the presentation because I learned in a good way, really clear, about gaming addiction, problems and consequences.

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