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Suggested Reading List For Counselors:

  • Counseling Problem Gamblers by Joseph W. Ciarrocchi Overcoming
  • Your Pathological Gambling: Therapist Guide by R. Ladouceur & S. Lachance
  • Pathological gambling: A Clinical Guide to Treatment by Jon E. Grant J. D, MD, M.P.H., Marc N. Potenza, MD, Ph. D.

For Family:

  • Betting Their Lives-The Close Relations of Problem Gamblers by Lorne Tepperman
  • Losing Your Shirt by Mary Heineman
  • For Problem Gamblers:
  • Hats & Eyeglasses- A Family Love Affair with Gambling by Martha Frankel
  • In The Shadow of Chance: The Pathological Gambler by Julian I Taber, Ph. D.
  • Stop me because I can’t stop myself: Taking control of impulsive behavior by J. Grant and S. Kim
  • The Chase: The Compulsive Gambler by Henry R. Lesieur
  • The Life Recovery Bible by Tyndale

For Women:

  • A Woman’s Way Through The Twelve Steps (Book) by Stephanie S. Covington, Ph. D.
  • Taking Back Your Life–Women and Problem Gambling by Diane Rae Davis, Ph.D.
  • Women Overpowered by Compulsive Gambling by Rosemary A. Cunliffe North


  • A Woman’s Way Through The Twelve Steps by Stephanie S. Covington, Ph. D.
  • The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook by Robert R. Perkinson
  • The Twelve Step Guide to Compulsive Gamblers by The Change Companies

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