Membership and Tax-Deductible Contributions Benefits

The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling (WCPG) is an IRS-designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose  mission is to provide resources, public awareness and education on gambling disorders while maintaining strict neutrality on the issue of legalized gambling. The WCPG depends on grants and donations to provide these vital services. Membership/Donations to WCPG are tax-deductible.

This policy, adopted by the volunteer WCPG Board of Directors, outlines the giving guidelines of the WCPG.

1. Memberships/donations given to the WCPG will be used for operating expenses unless otherwise designated by the member/donor.

2. All members will become non-voting members of the WCPG. Membership entitles them to:

  • WCPG Membership Certificate
  • Placement on mailing list (to receive information about the WCPG workshops, trainings, conferences)
  • Listing as a contributor on the WCPG website
  • Unlimited access to the WCPG resource and referral information
  • Identification as a member on nametag at WCPG events

3. Additional benefits are provided to members of $500 and over, as outlined below. Members receive all benefits from lower giving levels, plus additional services as listed. The benefits do not impact the tax-deductibility of the membership. 

All-Star Membership $25,000 and Over

  • Listing on the WCPG letterhead
  • Thirty hours of complimentary training in existing WCPG sessions 
  • Listing on the WCPG quarterly newsletter

Champion Membership $15,000 to $24,999 

  • Media mention of membership organization when appropriate
  • Placement of your logo on WCPG website membership page
  • Fifteen hours of complimentary training in existing WCPG sessions 
  • Opportunity to deliver a Member message at the Annual Conference
  • Press release issued by WCPG about membership

Benefactor Membership $5,000 to $14,999 

  • Twenty percent discount on any WCPG trainings/conference
  • Membership recognition of one activity at the Annual Conference
  • Opportunity to provide information in the Annual Conference packets with approval of the WCPG Board 

Gold Membership $1,000 to $4,999 

  • Ten percent discount on any WCPG trainings/conference
  • Recognition in the WCPG Annual Conference Program Booklet

Silver Membership $500 – $999 

  • Invitation to the WCPG Annual Meeting
  • Complimentary invite to the WCPG Appreciation Dinner
  • Five percent discount on any WCPG trainings/conference

Bronze Membership $75-$499

  • As listed above #2

Friends Membership $1-$199

  • As listed above #2

4. Any in-kind contributions will be dollar-valued and appraised at current value. A receipt will be issued upon request. The WCPG reserves the right to accept or reject any contribution. Appraisal of any in-kind contributions will be subject to the review of the WCPG Board Treasurer and final approval of the Executive Director.

5. All members will be consulted as to their wishes about publication coverage of their membership. All requests for anonymity will be strictly honored.

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