Lynn Carlson Scholarship - Sessions 3-4

Lynn Carlson was on the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling (WCPG) Board of Directors from August 1999 until he passed away on September 30, 2006. Lynn was the vice-president of the WCPG Board since 2001, and was supportive and dedicated to the mission of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling. The Lynn Carlson Scholarship was established in 2007 by the WCPG; the best way for us to honor the memory of Lynn is to encourage future pioneers working in the compulsive gambling addiction field.

The Lynn Carlson Scholarship provides financial assistance to one person every year to attend Sessions 3 & 4 trainings.

This scholarship is sponsored through:

  • Donations contributed in memory of Lynn Carlson
  • The WCPG

The scholarship covers:

  • Registration and materials

Please  complete the application no later than two weeks before Session 3 to be considered for this opportunity.

***You will also need to fill out the Training Registration Form.