Meet Rose Gruber, Executive Director

Welcome to the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling’s first blog. We look forward to connecting with you. I am Rose Gruber and I am the executive director for the WCPG.  From 1990 to 1997 I worked in Sturgeon Bay at a non-profit agency called Help of Door County as the Domestic Violence Services Coordinator.  

In early 1997 I decided it was time for me to think about moving back to Green Bay which is where I grew up and where I called home.  I started applying for a few jobs. My sister called me one Sunday morning and said I just found the perfect job for you in the newspaper. The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling was looking for a Helpline Coordinator.  I had been answering a Helpline for many years and thought “this might be a good fit”.  I didn’t really know much about the gambling addiction but was excited about finding out more. I applied, was interviewed by two of the original board members, Jerry Buckley and Judy Schaeff.  I still remember the day I got the job. I went to real estate school because I had thought about getting my real estate license.  It was the last afternoon of the class on a beautiful sunny day in May.  When I checked my phone (back then I still had the old bag phone) I had a message from Jerry. He offered me the position. I was so excited.  For about the first 8 months I kept wondering why I took the job. But then one day everything clicked and the     WCPG has become my baby. About a year after I was hired I became the Executive Director.  The rest is history. I absolutely love my job and all of the wonderful people I have met.

What has kept me here for over 17 years?  The fact that every day I can say, I helped someone today. Whether it be a compulsive gambler, a family member or someone else.  I have always had a wonderful dedicated group of board of directors and awesome co-workers to work with.  I have met so many wonderful people along the way-treatment providers, conference attendees, etc.

There have been some bumps in the road but at the end of each day I can say I have been blessed to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to be part of the community that helps provide resources and services for people who are affected by compulsive gambling disorders and their families. Thank you for being part of the journey.

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