Friday, March 18th Agenda

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  • Rose Blozinski, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling


  • Understanding Gambling-Motivated Crime

Michelle Malkin, JD, Ph.D., East Carolina University Greenville, NC   

Michelle L. Malkin, JD, Ph.D. explores criminal consequences for people who have a history of problem gambling, including how commission of a gambling-motivated crime is connected to the social and economic consequences of Gambling Disorder. Findings allow for fuller understanding of the different ways compulsive gamblers have been involved in the legal and criminal justice system, primarily for acquisitional crimes to support gambling and/or to pay off gambling related debts. Dr. Malkin includes details of her lived experiences as well. The presentation includes suggestions for counselors and others who have clients who may have been involved in gambling-motivated crimes. 


Complimentary Break

  • Best Practices in Problem Gambling Prevention Policy: Brianne Doura-Schawohl
  • Adjusting & Grounding in the Changing Landscape of Gambling: Andrew J. Schreier
  • Cognitive Therapy and Harm Reduction Should be Used to Assist Individuals Experiencing Gambling Problems: The Debate: Peter Moran and James Williams

Complimentary Break

  • Gearing Up to Address Sports Betting in Your Clinical Practice: Dr. Ken Winters
  • Technology or Gambling – Which is Which?  A Social Worker’s Perspective: Doug LaBelle
  • LGBTQ+ & Gambling Disorder: A Cultural Competency Primer: Dr. Michelle Malkin

Complimentary Lunch

    • The Latest Trends in Sports Betting, Problem Gambling, and What the Future Holds 

    Brianne Doura-Schawohl, Founder and CEO, Doura-Schawohl Consulting LLC, Fairfax, Virginia

    This interactive session will be an analysis of what has happened in the past five years across the United States since the overturning of PASPA.  It’s not that we’ve only seen an explosion of legalized sports wagering during this time but we are beginning to better understand the implications this legalization is having on problem gambling. We’ll discuss the primary ways that US gambling stakeholders have set up a risky and fractured foundation that in numerous ways is replicating mistakes of other (more mature) markets. The presenter will cover a variety of approaches that have been (and not been taken but should be) by legislators, regulators, health officials, and private stakeholders to create a safer gambling market. The presentation will end highlighting some of the biggest takeaways and lessons learned from legalized sports wagering since 2018 and concluding with a call to action for all problem gambling advocates. 


Complimentary Break

  • Helping People With Gambling Disorders Relieve Suffering through Compassion & Spirituality: Michael Goldman
  • Psychotherapy of Problem Gambling Including Dual Diagnosis Clients: Jim Schwartz
  • Place Your Bets – A Human Resource Thinking Challenge: Dr. James Schreier