Thursday, March 16th Agenda

  • Rose Blozinski, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling


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  • Trauma, Grief, and Forgiveness: The Path to Healing

Scott Webb, MSE, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Madison, WI

Even before the COVID pandemic, trauma was widely prevalent in our society. The collective trauma we all experienced as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the issue. Moreover, trauma has negatively affected organizations taxing already stressed systems of care and employee wellness. This presentation will examine the many types of trauma and its prevalence in society. We will discuss how grief and the grieving process are a part of experiencing trauma. Finally, we will explore forgiveness as an option and how having forgiveness for yourself and others can be one path to healing and living a fuller life. Never before has this topic been more relevant and needed to serve each other and those depending on us for help.



Complimentary  Break

  • Gearing Up to Address Sports Betting in Your Clinical Practice: Dr. Ken Winters
  • Cognitive Therapy and Harm Reduction Should be Used to Assist Individuals Experiencing Gambling Problems: The Debate: Peter Moran and James Williams
  • Place Your Bets – A Human Resource Thinking Challenge: Dr. James Schreier

Complimentary Break

  • Adjusting & Grounding in the Changing Landscape of Gambling: Andrew J. Schreier
  • Helping People With Gambling Disorders Relieve Suffering through Compassion & Spirituality: Michael Goldman
  • Technology or Gambling – Which is Which?  A Social Worker’s Perspective: Doug LaBelle



Complimentary Lunch

  • Recent Advances in Adolescent Risk Taking and Behavioral Addictions

Ken C. Winters, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Oregon  Research Institute (MN location), Falcon Heights, MN

This presentation will focus on recent research pertaining to adolescence and risk for behavioral addictions, including problem gambling.  The role of risk taking, brain development, perceived harms, expectancies, family factors, and social and legal trends will be included. How this information can be leveraged by prevention and treatment providers will be a major focus.


Complimentary Break

  • Best Practices in Problem Gambling Prevention Policy: Brianne Doura-Schawohl

  • LGBTQ+ & Gambling Disorder: A Cultural Competency Primer: Dr. Michelle Malkin

  • Psychotherapy of Problem Gambling Including Dual Diagnosis Clients: Jim Schwartz

These are open meetings.

Special Presentation During the Awards Banquet: Multi-Cultuarl Evening – The St. Spyridon Greek Dance Group 
Facilitated by Jim Harrison, BS, MS, CSAC, LPC, ICGC-II, BACC

The entertainment for the Awards Banquet will be The St. Spyridon Greek Dance Group from St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, under the direction of Katerina Ravelis. The group will be presenting traditional Greek Dances.

These performances will have a dual purpose. Other than entertainment, they will also provide an alternative and positive outlet to negative behaviors that may gotten our clients in trouble, as well as allowing us a counselors, to develop and appreciation and better understanding of the cultural pluralism that exists in our society and help us to relate to our diverse clientele on a different level.

After the performance, conference members will have an opportunity to be part of the dance group, learn a dance, and perform with the team.

After the final performance, there will be an opportunity for everyone to interact with the members about their cultures, as well as each other, to identify how we as counselors can improve our practices and potentially help our culturally diverse clients that we may be seeing.