Board of Directors- Commitment to Serve

I,  recognizing the important responsibility I am undertaking in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, Inc., hereby personally pledge to carry out in a trustworthy and diligent manner all the duties and obligations inherent in my role as a Director.

My Responsibility

I acknowledge that my primary role as a Board member is to:

  • Contribute to the defining of the WCPG mission
  • Carry out the functions of the office of Director and/or Officer as outlined in the WCPG By-Laws.

I will exercise the duties and responsibilities of this office with integrity, collegiality and due care.

My responsibility as a Director will focus on the development of board policies that govern the implementation of organizational plans and purposes.  This responsibility is separate and distinct from the responsibility of the Executive Director, who is delegated in determining the means of implementation.

 My Commitment

  • To establish as a high priority my attendance at all meetings of the committees on which I serve.
  • To come prepared to contribute to the discussion of issues and business to be addressed at scheduled meetings, having read the agenda and all background support material relevant to the meeting.
  • To represent WCPG in a positive and supportive manner at all times and in all places.
  • To observe the parliamentary procedures outlined in Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure and display courteous conduct in all board and committee meetings.
  • To make policy and monitor subsequent results.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest between my position as a board member and my personal and professional life.  If such conflict does arise, I will abide by the WCPG Board member Conflict of Interest policy.
  • To support in a positive manner all actions taken by the Board of Directors even when I am in a minority position on such action.
  • To agree to serve on at least one committee, attend all meetings, and participate in the accomplishment of its objectives.  If I chair the board, or a committee, I will:
    • Call meeting quarterly or more frequently until objectives are met.
    • Insure that agenda and support materials are mailed to all members in advance of meetings.
    • Conduct the meeting in an orderly, fair, open and efficient manner.
    • Make committee progress reports/minutes to the Board of Directors at scheduled meeting, using the adopted format.
  • To participate in board self-evaluation activities, commitment to fundraising activities, board development workshops, seminars and other educational events that enhance my skills as a board member; such educational pursuits will be at my personal expense.
  • To contribute financially to the organization.  (Board Members are asked to pay a minimum of $25.00 membership dues per year.  The full individual membership of $75.00 per year is preferred)
  • To abide by resignation rules if I miss three consecutive meetings.

If for any reason, I find myself unable to carry out the above duties as best I can, I agree to resign my position on the WCPG Board of Directors.