Webinar: What Happens When Gambling Leads to Criminal Behavior?



Start Time

10:00 am

End Time

11:30 am

About the Event

Date: October 9, 2024    Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Cost: $20.00   CEU Hours: 1.5

This seminar will address the criminal aspects of problem gambling. Issues to be discussed include:  factors that lead the gambler to criminal behavior, signs of possible criminal behavior, and what employers can do to identify possible criminal behavior on the part of their employees. What are the issues that result in the incarceration of problem gamblers? How does the criminal justice system deal with problem gamblers that end up committing crimes to support their gambling? This includes the courts as well as the Department of Corrections. The ultimate question is:  What is the one factor that allows a problem gambler to continue gambling once they have totally run out of money?

Course Objectives

1). Identify signs that an individual could be heading toward criminal behavior.

2). Identify ways that employers can protect themselves from possible embezzlement and also help their employees avoid incarceration.

3). Identify gambling issues in the prison setting.

4). Identify treatment for problem gamblers in the prison/jail settings and resources available in the community for offenders on community supervision.

Presenter Biography

Todd Zangl is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. Prior to working in the private field as a therapist, Todd worked for 17 years in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a Probation and Parole Agent and Supervisor. He became acutely aware of how addictions would oftentimes result in criminal behavior. After leaving the DOC in 1995, Todd spent the next 22 years working with many individuals with addiction related issues, including problem gambling. Todd is a board member of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling.

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